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甄詠蓓戲劇工作室   O Theatre Workshop


Its creator is the versatile theatre extraordinaire Olivia Yan, who is a leading dramaturg, director, actress and educator all in one.  She has a multi-faceted personality, can be at times powerful like fire and others gentle like water, she has a keen eye for aesthetics and a sharp sensitivity for life. Her works are wittily poetic, rooted in love and concern and always reaching out to touch people’s soul.



“O” is exclamation, is surprise, like life, like theatre, and represents Olivia’s artistic pursuit.  “O” is a circle, like the infinite extension of the universe, symbolizing the impact of theatre.  “O” is like the full moon, representing union, signifying Olivia’s desire to connect souls with love and concern.


工作室成立於2011年,曾被本地及海外藝術節邀請合作,包括於2011年前往新加坡實踐劇團創作「阿 Q 後傳」,並在2012台灣國際藝術節中演出 ; 另外於2014年與本地劇作家莊梅岩合作,為新視野藝術節製作「黑色星期一」等。剛於2020年一月接受南豐紗廠邀請,以作家陳慧小說「香草織」為藍本,創作工廠音樂劇場 Factory Cabaret ,以戲劇述說荃灣工廠及女工歷史,反應熱烈。

Established in 2011, O Theatre Workshop has created numerous influential theatre productions and participated in diverse local and overseas art festivals, including “The True Story of Ah Q”, jointly produced by Theatre Practice from Singapore, was staged in the Taipei Arts Festival in 2012 after its premier in Singapore in 2011. It teamed up with Dramatist Candace Chong to produce “Black Monday” to be staged at the New Vision Arts Festival in 2014. Recently invited by The Mills, O Theatre Workshop curated a Factory Cabaret performance “The Memory of Herbs” in January 2020 based on the novella of the same title by Chan Wai, it follows the story a modest and resilient young woman who strived to make a living in a weaving factory in Tsuen Wan and has attracted great response.


工作室重視戲劇教育,經常舉辦劇劇課程,以提升業界水平和培育觀眾為目的;並致力與世界聯繫,多次邀請海外戲劇家來港交流及授課,最近投入與國際形體劇場導演及教育家David Glass 共同合作「Lost Child Project HK」的三年計劃,以表演藝術為橋樑,舉辦工作坊及不同藝術計劃, 關懷年青人和兒童精神健康,重建他們的心靈世界為目標,於2010年七月獲香港賽馬會支持,與大館合作舉行「動戲·童迷香港藝術計劃」Elan Lost Child Project HK ,結合現場表演和科技媒體,成功以線上線下形式進行了11個藝術項目,為表演藝術及社會聯繫開闢新路 。

O Theatre Workshop is dedicated to promote arts education and has invited numerous international theatre masters to give workshops in Hong Kong. In collaboration with physical theatre master and educator David Glass, the 3-year project “Lost Child Project HK” has been recently launched, with its core mission to look into the mental health of youngsters and grown-ups through the power of performing arts and story-telling, inspire hope and new directions in arts for the future. Sponsored by Hong Kong Jockey Club, O Theatre Workshop worked with Tai Kwun to launch the “Elan Lost Child Project HK” in July 2021, with the aid of social media and technology, the project has brought together the digital and reality, igniting the creative power across the communities.

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